September Update: String Session, Sound Installation by Eric Laska , 50% off all rehearsals

Hey ya’ll,

It’s been a hot summer, but you won’t hear us complaining - get outside while the gettin’ is good!

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HIGHER QUALITY REHEARSALS - 100% Private and Quiet
We are no longer allowing multiple rehearsals at the same time - when you book a rehearsal at Soapbox, you will be the only musicians practicing in the building. Which means…NO neighboring bands practicing Metallica covers at full blast, NO outside distractions - just you, your friends and your song ideas.

SEPTEMBER SPECIAL: Save 50% off all online orders
Book your rehearsal online with the promo code: SBXSEPT1250 and save 50% - ONLY $12.50/hr! Monthly rehearsal packages also available, as low as $200/month.**

ARTIST RESIDENCY: Sound Installation by Eric Laska
Eric Laska is a NYC based artist who will be setting up a sound installation based on amplifier hum imported from NYC to Chicago for two nights ONLY at Soapbox.

“I am importing amplifier hum from New York and playing it on multiple amplifiers at a music rehearsal space in Chicago. The resultant transcontinental ground loop is equalized and spatialized throughout the amp configuration. Deep listeners take note: digital artifacts, warm tubes, local interference, phase accidents.
I call it Chicago Equinix as a ‘thank you’ to the data center of the same name that sits up the street from Soapbox Music.”

Showings: Friday, Sept 24th, 7-midnight @ Soapbox Music (OPENING NIGHT) and Friday, Oct 1, 7-midnight @ Soapbox Music (SECOND SHOWING)


:: Thursday, SEPT 2nd, 7PM - 9PM ::
Bring your 4-string and come share your thoughts, ideas, discoveries, frustrations about making string music outside the classical paradigm. And we’ll see where the music takes us! Twizzlers by Aldi.

:: Wednesday, SEPT 29th, 10PM - midnight ::
Push yourself to create more music! Bring new music you’ve made - unpolished, incomplete, or experimental works are welcome. Demo your music on a loud system, get feedback, share tips, tricks, and techniques, find collaborators, and hear what others have been working on.

ERIC LASKA : “Chicago Equinix” sound installation
:: Friday, SEPT 24th, 7 - midnight @ Soapbox Music (OPENING NIGHT) ::
:: Friday, OCT 1, 7 - midnight @ Soapbox Music (SECOND SHOWING) ::

:: Every Wednesday, 10 - midnight ::
A chance to just check out the space, no strings attached.

** We aim to keep our rates affordable. Stay on the look out for ongoing promotions and deals which will save you money on your rehearsal. For those of you with budget concerns - please get in touch with us as we are flexible and will try to work with your budget.

Until next time, Farsheed, Brendan, and fellow Soapboxers

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