Chicago entrepreneurs debut new musical instrument that helps students learn music
Full steam ahead!
48 Volts: Starting a cooperative recording & rehearsal studio 48volts
2012 Summer Songwriters Wrap-up
48 Volts: Interview with Nnamdi Ogbonnaya of Swerp Records 48volts
Diamond Terrifier, Patrick Higgins, {Dan Godston/Zirafa/Orange Drink} trio this Friday
48 Volts: Interview with Al Scorch 48volts
48 Volts: Interview with Dan Koentopp of Koentopp Guitars 48volts
In Loving Memory of Johnathan Bell (Producer 360)
48 Volts: Interview with Sewing Pattern 48volts
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Soapbox Music Speed! Results
48 Volts: Interview with Dustin Wong 48volts
december string session
48 Volts: Orange Drink 48volts
48 Volts: Raj Mahal 48volts
48 Volts: Magicks 48volts
48 Volts: Kyra Saltman and Samantha Stein, Cello and Soprano 48volts
Thanks, Kyra Saltman and Samantha Stein
string session #1
September Update: String Session, Sound Installation by Eric Laska , 50% off all rehearsals
soapbox session
8-Bit Bliss: Reformat the Planet coming to DVD
soapbox session #6
fireside bowl
open hours rocked and featured:
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